The 5 Things in Common with Every Year’s #1 Stock

By Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications
The 2019 Trade of the Year Summit
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For nearly 40 years, Dr. Mark Skousen has proven his ability to pick winner after winner from the stock market.

But it’s been his most recent stock-picking successes that really have traders excited… recommendations revealed by his Five Pillars of Profitability.

In recent months alone, it has helped Mark land gains of 421% on Penn Virginia… 424% on Scotts Miracle-Gro… 257% on T. Rowe Price… 180% on Interdigital… and many more just like these.

In fact, since he began using his Five Pillars a little over a year ago, the system’s delivered a whopping 38 double-digit wins and 38 triple-digit gains…

That comes out to a little more than 5 winners a month. Imagine how fast you could make money with a system this powerful.

Well, just five days from now, you’ll get to see this money-making system play out in real time.

You see, during his 2019 Trade of the Year online summit, Mark will explain his Five Pillars of Profitability in full detail. Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear…

Pillar #1: Growing Sales

Only companies with substantial sales will ever have the chance of becoming a Trade of the Year stock… and Dr. Skousen’s identified the precise “inflection point” that can push these shares higher

Pillar #2: Healthy Profit Margins

Companies with nice, fat profit margins are always attractive to investors… But it takes a lot more than mere profits to become a Trade of the Year candidate.

In fact, to even be considered, a company must meet a specific threshold of profitability, as determined by Dr. Skousen’s system.

Pillar #3: Cheap Price/Earnings Ratios

The lower the PE, the less expensive the stock is, relative to its earnings… meaning shares are trading at a bargain.

Pillar #4: Earnings Growth

A true Trade of the Year company must not only be growing earnings, they must meet or exceed Dr. Skousen’s minimum requirement to ensure success.

Pillar #5: Major Institutional Investing

Any company with all four of the Pillars above is going to see a lot of attention from the big players in the market… driving shares higher and faster than ever.

Finding a company with one of these powerful factors means you’ve found a solid stock.

But if you have all five…

It means you’re looking at a true potential rocket-ride…a genuine Trade of the Year candidate.

Remember, just one stock with all the right qualities can produce outstanding – even life-changing – gains:

Like 736% in Polarity… 2,800% in Axim Biotechnologies… 1,340% from Avesis…

4,820% on Novis Global… 9,580% on Deidrich Coffee… 4,080% on Evraz Claymont Steel… or 2,800% on Axim Biotechnologies.

Just one stock like Deidrich Coffee – up an incredible 9,580% in just one year – could have completely changed your portfolio.

And when you consider that gain was made in 2009 – one of the worst periods for the market in history…

You begin to see how transformative just one stock can be.

Dr. Skousen wants to give you the chance to discover this year’s biggest stock… before it begins its big run up.

That’s why – at our 2019 Trade of the Year profit summit – Mark will reveal details of the one stock that he recommends will at least triple your money in the next 12 months… plus two more plays, also with the chance to become 2019’s best-performing play of the year.

So, perhaps, one year from now, you’ll be sitting on a nice pile of money, thanks to Dr. Mark Skousen…

All because you chose to attend our 2019 Trade of the Year summit.

Remember, our online event is coming up soon – just five days from now – on Thursday, January 10, starting precisely at 2pm Eastern.