The 3 Biggest Mistakes Professional Traders Never Make

By Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications
The 2019 Trade of the Year Summit
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Roger Michalski here — with something rather odd.

In fact you could say it’s the very definition of irony.

You see, even before the recent market pullback — in the face of an incredible 10-year bull market — individual investors had a tough time making any money.

According to Forbes, the average annual return for an individual investor over the past 30 years… is a measly 1.9%!

That’s just incredible… incredibly low!

So, why do individuals have so much trouble making money – even in the best of markets?

Dr. Mark Skousen says there are three main mistakes we make that professional traders don’t.

The first mistake is that most individual investors are guessing about when to get into the market… and when to get out of the market.

Studies have consistently shown that investors do it all wrong… buying when the market is up, where stocks are at their most expensive.

Jumping into hot stocks near the top of a rally — after most of the gains have already been made…

And then when shares turn down, they hold on for too long… finally selling right about at the bottom.

That’s the exact opposite of what you need to do if you want to make money investing.

Second mistake: most investors don’t truly understand their investments.

An investor like Warren Buffett is so successful, because he understands the companies he’s buying.

Truth is, most individual investors know very little about the stocks they own…

They see a name in the news, or a friend tells them about some stock or another. They get excited and dive in head first, without doing their own due diligence to see if the stock is right for them.

And finally the third mistake: too many investors think that “cash is safe.”

Whenever trouble hits, investors liquidate their shares (often at a loss) and park their money on the sidelines.

If you’re in cash, and then the market pops up 20%, that’s the same as losing 20%.

And, making these mistakes even worse, Dr. Skousen believes too many individuals have been deluded into believing the old adage, “You can’t beat the market.

In fact, he says, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

For almost four decades, Dr. Skousen has proven it’s not only possible to beat the markets… you can do so by a significant amount.

Fortunately Mark will be sharing all his insights on beating the market — including his 2019 Trade of the Year — during our free online summit on January 10, 2019.

What’s more, he’ll show you how to triple your money in the next 12 months…

So make sure you’re there with us at 2pm Eastern on Thursday, January 10th, as Mark reveals the details of this enormous winner-in-the-making.

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