Dr. Skousen’s Trade of the Year Profit Summit

By Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications
The 2019 Trade of the Year Summit
We go live in...

I’m very excited you’ve chosen to join us for our first event of the New Year…

Dr. Mark Skousen’s 2019 Trade of the Year.

Whenever we enter a new trading year, there’s always one stock that’s destined to outperform all others.

And history shows, if you can identify this #1 winner… the impact on your portfolio can be enormous.

Over the last ten years… identifying this single stock at the beginning of the year has led to an average gain of 2,265%…

Enough to multiply your money by 22 times…

Enough to turn every $100 into $2,200.

Every $1,000 into $22,000.

And every $10,000 into $220,000!

To help you realize some of that enormous profit potential hiding in the market every year…

Dr. Skousen has developed a specific step-by-step process…

That allows him to uncover the exact stocks destined to outperform all other stocks in the coming year.

During this broadcast, Dr. Skousen will share with you:

  • His personal trading process for uncovering the best stocks every year – plays that have averaged 2,265% over the last 10 years.

  • His 5 Pillars of Profitability and how his handful of indicators define the market’s best performing stocks.

  • And he’ll share the details of the ONE STOCK he’s identified as the #1 Trade of the Year for 2019… with the potential to triple your money in 2019.

The impact just one stock can have on your portfolio is simply stunning.

In 2017, the #1 performing stock was a small health company called Polarity.

The stock climbed 736% for the year… outperforming the markets by 4,200%.

In 2016, Axim Biotechnologies rose an impressive 2,800%.

In 2015, we saw shares of Avesis soar 1,340%.

2014’s winner, Cannabis Sativa, went up 820%.

2013’s top stock, Chuma Holdings, had a 1,440% gain.

And in 2012, shares of Notis Global Inc. took home the crown as stock of that year… gaining 4,820%.

And there have been plenty of others offering gains just as impressive

Deidrich Coffee, the #1 performer in 2009, ran up 9,580% that year.

Evraz Claymont Steel in 2006 rocketed 4,080% that year.

Amazon shot up 966% in 1998… Applied Energetics shot up 2,170% in 2004… First Solar jumped 7,095% in 2007… and Emergent Biosolutions ran 416% in 2008.

When you look at performances like that… you begin to understand why finding these stocks can be so important…

And why Dr. Skousen is confident in promising you the chance to at least TRIPLE YOUR MONEY, beginning with 2019’s Trade of the Year. 

I’m very excited to have you joining Dr. Skousen and me for our 2019 Trade of the Year.

Remember, we’re going live on Thursday, January 10, at 2pm Eastern.

Mark it down on your calendar now so you don’t forget.

And I’ll see you at the Summit!